Chinese brush painting with Irene Sanderson

Learning Sumi-e (Chinese brush painting) with artist Irene Sanderson. Sumi-e, meaning ‘ink-painting’, expresses clearly one’s state of mind by the simple skills of handling a brush and ink so it is for everyone! This workshop was an opportunity to use the materials and practise techniques along with an overview of […]

September 2018 – Through a Pinhole

This month we made our own Pinhole Camera with Photographer/Videographer Richie Johnston ( Over the evening Richie helped us make our own matchbox pinhole camera and taught us interesting ways of capturing creative images with it!

August 2018 – Project Mayfly

This month we had a session decorating mayflies, a workshop created for Project Mayfly. Project Mayfly is a public art project created by one of our directors Katarina Prior. The project was inviting people to contribute to a large art installation by creating their own card mayfly. The installation was housed at […]

Printmaking Tasters

We were joined by the wonderful artist Alex Jakob-Whitworth who taught us a few Printmaking techniques! We tried out Monoprinting and Collographs. A Collagraph print is one made from a plate collaged with different textures. A Monoprint is a printing process where only one print can be created, this can […]

November 2017 – Inventive Books

This month we were delighted to be joined by Artist Helen Walsh who came by to show us some intriguing book creating techniques! (More info about Helen can be found here – We had a wonderful time creating ingenious fold out sketchbooks and envelope books out of a vast array of […]