April 2018 – Cumbrian Art Attack

This month we created out own Cumbrian Art Attack! Inspired by Neil Buchanan on his programme Art Attack, we created a massive artwork about Cumbria on the floor of the engine bay at Eden Arts! We made a list of many things we love about Cumbria and spent an hour and a […]

April 2017 – Electric Sculptures

This month we combined science and creativity as we all created electric sculptures! Basically, you create an electric circuit using salt dough as your wires. By using conductive and non-conductive dough cleverly, you can create dough sculptures which light up, buzz or even move! We had a fun and challenging […]

March 2017 – Build a Fire Engine!

In March we had a challenge! It is really great getting to work in the magnificent space which is the Engine Bay in the Eden Arts Old Fire Station (thanks Eden Arts!), but it has always struck me that something is missing……a fire engine! So we made one! As a group we […]

December 2016 – High Speed Drawing and Stickman!

Well well well, we had our first ever Myriad Studio evening! We had a great time doing high speed drawing – yes, high speed drawing is exactly what you think it is. We set up a few random and interesting objects to draw and gave the group 20, 10, 5, or 2 […]