August 2018 – Project Mayfly

This month we had a session decorating mayflies, a workshop created for Project Mayfly.

Project Mayfly is a public art project created by one of our directors Katarina Prior. The project was inviting people to contribute to a large art installation by creating their own card mayfly. The installation was housed at The Rheged Centre in Penrith for over 18 month in which time over 2000 mayflies were made. The installation came down on the 9th January 2016.
The project is still encouraging people from all over to take a moment to decorate a mayfly. Mayflies are flying insects found all over the world. They are famed for their short adult life which in some species can be as short as a day, an hour or even a few minutes. Every moment is used wisely and is cherished.
During the workshop each person is asked to think of something they cherish, could be one thing, many things, a place, a person a memory, anything! Then to write it on their mayfly before decorating it. You can find out more about the project by visiting the website –

During the workshop we also made time to have a go playing the piano and even having a go at hopscotch!