Myriad Wizards

In 2018 a group of us transformed ourselves into Wizards for Eden Arts’s The Winter Droving! We ran 4 workshops with members of the public to create a wizard hat, staff and cape. All decorated and covered in lights, ready to join the Winter Droving lantern parade!

Walton Window Walk

We were commissioned by Walton Village Hall Management Committee with funding from William Milburn Trust, to run workshops to create window decorations. Three time slots over a day were open for people from Walton Village to come and create images to put in their window. The theme was books so everyone chose a favourite book … Read moreWalton Window Walk

Bob Ross-along

Join us to paint along with artist Bob Ross! Sat 23rd Nov, 11.30am-14.30pm Book here – Join us to paint along with artist Bob Ross! Bob Ross was an American artist who believed that everyone has an inherent artistic talent and could become an accomplished artist given time, practice, and encouragement, and to this end … Read moreBob Ross-along

Book Binding

We run a book binding workshop. We guide the group through each step to make a string bound a fabric covered A5 notebook. It is a busy, but fun and productive workshop! We have run this session twice (one of those times was with 20 people!)     


We run an introduction to Monoprinting workshop. A monoprint is simply a printing process where only one (mono) print can be created, this can be created in many different ways which we experimented with. We use drawing, objects and leaves with various textures to make some wonderful prints! We have run this workshop twice.