April 2018 – Cumbrian Art Attack

This month we created out own Cumbrian Art Attack! Inspired by Neil Buchanan on his programme Art Attack, we created a massive artwork about Cumbria on the floor of the engine bay at Eden Arts! We made a list of many things we love about Cumbria and spent an hour and a half fitting it all into … Read moreApril 2018 – Cumbrian Art Attack

Marbling Madness

Marbling Madness! Marbling is a popular workshop which we have ran 5 times in different locations. We use carrageenan in the water which thickens it meaning we can create really intricate and stunning designs. It is a wonderfully relaxing workshop.  

Playing with Clay

Playing with Clay! This workshop gives people a chance to be social while making whatever they wish from clay. Anna shows everyone all how to “wedge” the clay…which meant they had a very enjoyable time throwing clay around..before making something with it. There is no pressure to create something finished or beautiful, but there is … Read morePlaying with Clay

Here there be faeries

We made faeries for one of Eden Art’s Projects! We played with leaves, feathers, string and sticks to create little winged creatures often referred to as faeries. It was a really fun session as it was great really letting our creativity loose on the materials. Find out about the Eden Arts project here www.theunseen.space