Past Workshop

March 2018 – Marbling March

This month was Marbling March! We ran this workshop as part of the Get Creative Festival, and get creative we really did! We had a go at marbling with carrageenan in the water which thickened it and meant we could create really intricate and stunning designs. We filled the engine bay […]

February 2018 – Playing with Clay pt2

This month we had a grand time playing with clay! After the success of last year we decided we would dig out the clay and have another play! First Anna showed us all how to “wedge” the clay…which meant we had a very enjoyable time throwing clay around! Before we […]

January 2018 – Stitch a Tree

This month we created contributions to the Stitch a Tree project by Thread Bearing Witness. This project aims to connect communities and individuals across the UK to show support for displaced people around the world. Participants are invited to stitch a tree which will be arranged into a large embroidery […]

December 2017 – Myriad Birthday/Christmas Meal

This month we decided to have a good ole party! Celebrating not just upcoming Christmas, but a whole year of Myriad Studio! Each of us brought some food which made up an amazing meal, it was truly delicious! The evening was full of chatter and laughs. We even got a […]

November 2017 – Inventive Books

This month we were delighted to be joined by Artist Helen Walsh who came by to show us some intriguing book creating techniques! (More info about Helen can be found here – We had a wonderful time creating ingenious fold out sketchbooks and envelope books out of a vast array of […]

October 2017 – Marbling!

This month we decided to have a very fun time marbling! We created sheets and sheets of beautiful paper by experimenting with different inks on water and shaving foam. It was such a fantastic and relaxing evening! A fantastic way to spend an evening which we fully recommend!

September 2017 – Faerie Legends of Dalemain

After the success of creating faeries last month we decided to run another session in September. This time  however, we have the wonderful opportunity to run this session at the magical, mystical and beautiful grounds of Dalemain Mansion! We created our own faeries out of the wonderful array of natural […]

August 2017 – Here there be faeries

This month we spent time discovering faeries! We played with leaves, feathers, string and sticks to create little winged creatures often referred to as faeries. It was a really fun session as it was great really letting our creativity loose on the materials. I wonder how many will appear in […]

July 2017 – Cumbrian Patchwork

  This month we got together to create a fabric patch for the Cumbria people’s patchwork! The people’s patchwork being created by The Quilters Guild and BBC Cumbria to celebrate 50 years of local radio sewing communities together. We created a 10″/25cm patch featuring something we love about the Cumbria like sheep, fells, […]

June 2017 – Weaving

This month we had a go at weaving with the wonderful Maud Mercier! She had created cardboard looms for us and provided lots of wool for us to use. It was a wonderfully relaxing evening of chatting and weaving!