Join us to paint along with artist Bob Ross!

Sat 23rd nov, 7pm-9.30pm

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Join us to paint along with artist Bob Ross!
Bob Ross was an American artist who believed that everyone has an inherent artistic talent and could become an accomplished artist given time, practice, and encouragement, and to this end was often fond of saying, “We don’t make mistakes; we just have happy accidents.”
During his TV show Bob Ross instructs viewers how to create a painting using a quick style which is broken down into simple steps.
We will be streaming two episodes of Bob Ross on a big screen during the event and getting all of you to paint-along with oil paint!
We will have a Certified Bob Ross Instructor with us!! Tony Goldthorpe will give you all a brief introduction to the Bob Ross technique before the first episode is streamed!
You do not need to be able to paint to join this paint along, it is just about having fun and making a mess – or happy accidents as I’m sure Bob would put it!
Painting along with Bob is not easy, he plans his painting and he paints quick! There will be no pauses of the show. This is why it’s going to be hilarious!
All materials will be provided (that what your ticket cost is)
But feel free to bring your own.
We will be using – a 1 inch brush, a skriptliner brush (or just a thin brush), a fan brush, a pallete knife and a big pallete for the paint.
The bar will be open but feel free to bring your own drinks.
Please bring your own food. We will be making an order of chip-shop chips to be delivered to the Old Fire Station, let me know if you will want chips by emailing
This event is designed for adults, please get in touch before booking a ticket for a child.
Please wear clothes you don’t mind getting messy, Bob always wore pale shirts during the show which you could try pick up from a second hand shop. (You could probably find a brown curly wig too…)
Event plan:
7.00pm – arrive, sign in, get set up.
7.30pm – oil paint demonstaration by Certified Bob Ross Instructor
7.45pm – first episode of Bob Ross will be streamed.
8.15pm – break, please bring your own with you or reserve chips.
9.15pm – second episode will be streamed
9.45pm – end
Any questions just get in touch!