What’s Myriad?

Myriad Studio runs workshops which are playful, social and relaxed.

Myriad Studio Aims:
– To teach new skills and hobbies
– To encourage peoples creative confidence
– To build creative communities
– To design and run eco-friendly workshops and help people to reduce their carbon footprint.

The workshops are for all ages and all abilities, you do not need any experience to attend any of the workshops. Workshops are run monthly at Penrith, Allonby and Carlisle for a couple of hours in the evening. Each workshop is  around £10.

Myriad Studio runs workshops which give people the opportunity to learn a new skill, to meet new people and have fun at a subsidised price.
Each workshop is different, in the past we have run workshops marbling, playing with clay, beeswax wrap making, making an art attack and a fire engine!

Every workshop is assessed on its carbon footprint which we keep to a minimum.
We research our all of our materials assessing their environmental impact, we design workshops to create low carbon replacements for everyday item, as well as creative ways to recycle, we also ensure the overall running of Myriad Studio has a low carbon footprint.
Our carbon mission is a difficult one, we are constantly working to keep reducing our footprint.

For updates and information on upcoming sessions join our mailing list or follow us on facebook – Penrith, Allonby and Carlisle.

Myriad Studio became a Community Interest Company (CIC) in March 2018, this is a type of company which exists to benefit the community, not not to make a profit. Our CIC number is No 11282697